Sunday, August 28, 2011

And They're Off!

It's official! We finished building our track this weekend and training has begun!!! The racers are at the starting gate, the gun fires and.... They're off!

The racers round the first curve with Puddles in the lead, Puffin in close second!

With turn number two in sight, the racers are running at top speed with Puffin still in the lead!

And now the runners are headed for home with the finishing line in sight! Puffin has tired and dropped back to second and now Puddles takes the lead. He's running tirelessly and looks like he's going to finish this race in first place! Yes! Yes! It's Puddles! Puddles wins this most exciting competition at Hickory Creek Farms!!!!

What's this? Chickens? Girls? Which will it be in the next race? You'll have to come see us this Fall! We open Saturday, September 24!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a....


That's right! I just learned the correct term is not catapult, nor is it a punkin chunker. It's a trebuchet! We got the frame built last year, using one built by Brian Holt and his buddy as our pattern. They generously gave it to us! Thanks guys!

Well, we completed the frame last year (with the help of the DeLanges), but weren't able to work out the kinks with the "thrower" at the top in time for our Family Fun Days in the Fall. With pumpkin season fast approaching (just a little over a month away!), we still haven't gotten it going. Actually, we're pumpkin farmers not engineers!

So, would any of you guys out there be interested in playing with our "new toy" to see if you can make those pumpkins shoot over the pond instead of into the ground ten feet in front of the trebuchet? We welcome your expertise! Give us a call at 620-632-4294 to lend a hand -- and your brain! :)