Thursday, August 29, 2013


I've heard more than one farmer say recently that it's been a very weird year.  "I've never seen weather like this!"  We started out with floods this spring, then a HOT DRY spell, then floods - again!  Now it's hot and dry...  I've been a little afraid to walk out my back door into our 6-acre pumpkin patch, fearing there might not be any pumpkins at all!  Was I ever pleasantly surprised to see LOTS out there this morning -- in various stages of development!!!  Thought you might like to see that too!  So here's Pumpkin Development 101...

First... the blooms!

Did you notice that little fella in the middle of the bloom?  He's busy as a bee!  :)  He's got to take the pollen from the center of this male bloom to the center of the female bloom.

Notice how different the center of this female bloom is.

Once the bee transfers that pollen into the center of the female bloom, a baby pumpkin starts to grow.  See it?

The baby grows...  It's very soft at this stage.

And it grows!!!  Yep it's green!  And it's getting harder!

And it grows!  What's that?  Do I see orange???

Yep!  And orange means it's ripe and ready for YOU to pick!

So plan to come out and see us to find your perfect pumpkin grown right here on the farm!  We open a month from today!!!! (Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 1:00 - 6:00 p.m. September 28th thru the month of October.)  See you then!  :)

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