Friday, September 27, 2013

We're Having So Much FUN! And We Just Got Started! :)

We don't officially open for our Fall season until tomorrow afternoon, but we had so much fun with the Pitt State International students yesterday evening!  Very few of them had any farm background nor had they ever even been in a barn before!  It was such a joy to see them enjoying all the activities of the Farm!  It's an awesome adventure having the world come right to our door!

What a thrill to see our barnyard fill up with people!

Many of the students fell in love with our animals.  For some it brought back memories of pets back home.

A few tried their hand at driving a tractor.  8 were able to conquer our corn maze, finding all 5 markers!

Most enjoyed a scenic hayride through the timber.  What fun to hear their "la la la la la" and singing as they left the road and headed toward the creek!  One explained to me that in their homeland, that's what they do when they're excited.  :)

By the time they took in all the activities, they were ready for the weiner roast!


All ages love a good hot dog cooked over an open fire!

I wonder how many of these students had ever experienced a good ol' American campfire before!

And what do I do when your giant marshmallow's on fire?!

As always, the kids loved the corn tub in Pumpkin Playground!  

We learned our chickens have a ways to go yet before they're ready to race in public and our pigs were a little shy of their first cheering audience as they raced toward the finish line.  But all in all, everybody had a great time!  Give us a call to schedule your own group outing this Fall!  :)

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