Monday, October 14, 2013

Wow!!! We're having SUCH fun!!! :)

Words just can't express how much FUN we're having here at the Farm!!!  And it sure looks to us like we're not the only ones!  Take a look!  What do you think?  Do these folks look like they're having fun to you?  :)

"Eeeeee Haw!"

This guy couldn't wait to get home to turn his perfect pumpkin into Frankenstein!

Been farmin' long?  :)

"Ahhhhhh...  That's what a pumpkin looks like!"

Check out the tongue!  

Man, our 3 little racin' pigs just love all those cheerleaders!  

"I LOVE riding horses!"

Check out the scenery!

"Is that a hippo?"

"This is what I call relaxing!"

"I found it!  The perfect one!"

Couldn't pick a more perfect place for a family fun day!

"Punkins!!!"  :)

These guys were so much fun!  Once they finally decided that  "Yes, I'm gonna get a big one!" ... they then had to figure out how to get it in the trunk! 

Ahhhh... sweet victory!  :)

So... when are YOU comin' out to have some fun?  We'll save some for ya!  :)  We've only got two more weekends left!

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